About Us

Elenika, a jewelry collection crafted in Puerto Rico, weaves a tale inspired by Greek history and its captivating mythology. The line harmoniously entwines antique and contemporary elements to give each piece its unique character. Materials such as a 24 carat gold finish, Greek handmade leather, and semiprecious stones sourced globally contribute to the astonishing beauty, lending a modern urban flair to each creation. The exclusive touch is evident in the meticulous design, handmade craftsmanship, or curation by the designer. Moreover, this collection is a captivating mixture, embodying the exquisite essence of Mediterranean life, with influences spanning various eras, including the Byzantine era. The designs artfully incorporate elements from this rich historical period, along with inspirations from many other eras reflecting the diverse and timeless Mediterranean lifestyle. In addition to the curated pieces, the brand incorporates other handcrafted gems, each enhancing the overall allure and elegance. Noteworthy are certain pieces featuring a 21carat gold-finished bronze adorned with semiprecious stones, all meticulously handmade by skilled artisans from the Mediterranean.